Horse Racing Betting Guide For Maximum Profit

Horse racing betting is complex. There are many factors to consider. This article on horse racing betting is a starting point, and not the definitive guide. Let’s sum it all. Profit is the ultimate goal. The best way to make a profit is by finding wagers with a positive expected return. This means that if you place $100 risk, you will get back $100. is not a sure thing. You could lose all your money if you gamble in racing. All calculations are based on projections. The result could be different from what you expected. This means that even though you may have identified winning situations and things look great on paper, these may not continue to happen. Horse racing is constantly changing. It is not your job to predict what will stay the same, but to predict when and how it will change.

You must predict change, as well as probability. This is the second half to the profit calculation. It’s like the “who, what and when, where, & how” method that newspaper reporters used to use to create a story. The same questions must be asked by handicappers, and the answers will determine how they place their bets. The “who” of it all could be a horse, jockey or trainer.

This is where you could start your search for change. If you think about it, trainers are people who want to change something. The jockey, as their agent at the track during a race, is also trying change something. Only those who have won their last race are able to make a difference. They want the same outcome.

However, if you look at a race program, there are very few horses who won their last race, and many who lost their last race. It is usually easier to find horses that are capable of improving than to find winners who will win again. There are many horses that could use improvement, and very few horses that are in their peak condition. Even those in peak condition may not be able to maintain it for very long.

To maximize your profit, you should find the horse with the greatest chance of winning and the best chances of changing. However, this cannot be based on wishful thinking. It’s best to stick with horses who have won on the same surface and at the same distance before. It’s rare to find a winning bet on a horse who has just won convincingly.