Modern Science and Technology and Third World Countries’ Challenges

The world we live in is highly technological and almost everything is possible. If not for necessity and serendipitous discoveries, there would have been little to no change in the world today. Every society has seen the positive impact of science and technology. Today, the world has become digital. Even human thought. The world is now a global village, and it’s better.

Science and technology have many benefits that outweigh any perceived shortcomings. The internet and mobile phones are two of the most important areas where technology has had the greatest impact. Communication has improved and economic commerce expanded. Information and communication technology (ICT) is a buzzword today. To be truly outstanding, any institution must have this technology in place. Information technology is a key component of today’s society. It can be used in communication, business, education, as well as the entertainment and media industries. Information technology allows for increased productivity and less effort in work performance. People around the globe will find it difficult to get answers without computers and the internet. The internet can be used to find a wealth information to help answer essay questions, communicate with others, make transactions, and buy or advertise goods. There are many other options.

Today’s mass communication is possible thanks to science and technology. We have television, radio, newspaper and mobile phones. This multi-purpose service includes long distance calls, listening and playing radio, music, games, taking photos, recording voice and video, browsing the internet, and making phone calls. Today’s generation has embraced the ICT services. Because people have a greater knowledge of the world beyond their own locality, it increases productivity and improves worker’s productivity. This concept of mass communication has profound implications for politics. Leaders now have many options to communicate directly with the people. Politicians can also use social media to make political statements and run campaigns, in addition to going on television or radio. Online information about revolutions and protests is being shared, particularly via social media. This has led to political turmoil and a change in government in many countries.

Public access to current global issues is also easier. Communication has reached a new level, as one can communicate with loved ones at their home in new ways.

Technology and science expand the knowledge of society. Technology and science help scientists discover more about the world. Science helps people gain a better understanding of it. Different media are making learning more interactive, and taking it to the next level. Advertising breakthroughs have helped businesses grow and expand.